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There are many different treatments that can be of physical, and potentially mental, benefit to the body. In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of Myofascial Cupping and what’s involved in this particular treatment. 

What is Myofascial cupping? 

Myofascial Cupping is a modified version of the ancient eastern style cupping which differs from other forms of cupping, as it specifically targets the Musculoskeletal system rather than the meridian systems used by traditional Chinese practitioners. It also uses plastic cups and a hand-operated vacuum pump, rather than glass cups and a naked flame, to create suction. A hand-operated vacuum pump is used to induce a vacuum inside a cylinder sealed to the skin using oil or wax. 

What to expect from a treatment 

The therapist will massage the skin at the beginning of the treatment to determine which areas may benefit from the cupping. One, two or several cups can be placed dependent on the size of the area being worked on. The cups will typically be left on for up to 10 minutes, depending on the clients’ sensitivity. The cup can also be moved around by the therapist, with the rim of the cup creating a compression pressure as well. 
The cups are then cleaned after every treatment used. 
Cupping should be pain-free and bruising should be avoided or kept to a minimum. However, in areas of dysfunction – where there’s been an injury or there’s some soreness – you may experience some bruising, which should disappear within several days. 

What are the benefits of Myofascial Cupping? 

There are many benefits of Myofascial Cupping. The benefits can include providing a rich blood supply to the injured area, which increases nutrients in the bloodstream. Myofascial Cupping can also increase fluid movement, which assists recovery buy decreasing oedema (fluid accumulation). 
The treatment can also create negative (tensional) pressure, which passively stretches myofascial tissue, resulting in an increased range of movement. It can also assist in the reduction of localised inflammation, therefore helping improve recovery. 

What conditions can Cupping help with? 

Cupping can help with a number of conditions, including 
• Musculoskeletal pain and injuries 
• Sporting injuries especially ITB Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis 
• Neck and Back Pain 
• Muscle imbalances and tightness 

Is Myofascial Cupping safe? 

Myofascial Cupping is generally safe for use on most people. However, there are some contraindications that may prevent the use of this treatment. These could include: 
• History of vascular disease such as DVT or varicose veins 
• Heart problems 
• Pregnancy (for Mysofascial Cupping on the lower abdominal region/back) 
• Any bleeding 
• Open wounds or sensitive/fragile skin 
• Recent operation 
Myofascial Cupping is also unlikely to be suitable for young children or those taking blood-thinning medication. 
Overall, Cupping is an effective treatment, which is usually safe and can have several important benefits. Just make sure it is suitable for you first. 
If you’d like to consider having this treatment, or an alternative form of sports treatment from a qualified massage therapist, contact our team today. 
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